Mentor Connection

Mentor Connection

Strategic Alliances within Corporate Life

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Introduction to the Transaction Edition, Preface to the Original Edition, Mentoring in the Modern Corporation, The Renewed Interest in Mentoring. How Prevalent Is Mentoring. Toward a Working Definition of the Mentor Concept. The Hierarchy of Mentoring. The Benefits Are Mutual. The Plan of This Book. Level I- The Mentor as Teacher: Teaching the Job. Drawing the Organizational Road Map. Career Guidance. Level II-Personal Support: Psychological Support. Confidence Building. Assistance with Personal Life. The Thin Line. Level III-Organizational Intervention: The Mentor Goes Public. Protection. Marketing the Candidate. Access to Resources., Promoting the Protege, Level IV-Promotions Direct and Indirect: Direct Promotion. The Subtle Approach. Position of Mentor. Mentoring as Transformation. If the Mentor Never Existed. Life without a Mentor. The Effects of Organizational Type on Mentoring., The Benefits Are Mutual-The Mentor and the Organization, The Mentor: Career Enhancement. Intelligence/Information Systems. The Trusted Adviser. Psychic Rewards. The Risks of Mentoring. The Organization: Integrating the Individual. Reduction in Turnover. Organizational Communication. Management Development. Managerial Succession. Productivity. Socialization to Power., The Female Protege, Mentoring and the Barriers to Women: The Image of Women in the Workplace. Are Male Managers Threatened by Female Managers? Are Women Prepared? Male Mentors versus Female Mentors: Does It Make a Difference? The "Comfort" Factor. The Organizational Power of the Mentor. Involvement and Innuendo. A Rival for Spouse? The Future of the Female Protege., The Negative Side of Mentoring, The Black Halo. The Failure to Protect The Betrayed Protege. When Mentor Leaves. The Failed Mentor Relationship and Its Effects on the Organization. Underlying Factors in the Decline of Mentor Relationships., Establishing the Mentor Connection, Making the Connection: Factors in the Selection of a Mentor. Personality Fit and Ch
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