Feminism, Diversity and HRD

Feminism, Diversity and HRD


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List of Tables and Figures Foreword Preface Chapter 1: Theorizing gender, diversity and HRD: Chapter 2: National HRD and governance frameworks for equality. Chapter 3: The role of international organizations in supporting HRD and HD interventions. Chapter 4: Ethics, equality and social justice. Chapter 5: Women's organizations and HRD. Chapter 6: A critical appraisal of gender, diversity and HRD in MNCs. Chapter 7: Doing Gender: Bodies, Representation, Performativity and HRD. Chapter 8: HRD strategies for enhancing women's capabilities: a global perspective. Chapter 9: HRD, transnationalism and post-colonialism: Pathways to empowerment and the Sustainable Development Goals. Chapter 10: Future developments for feminisms, equity and HRD. References Index
Human Resource Development;Feminism;Diversity;Social Studies