Indian Civil Service and Indian Foreign Policy, 1923-1961

Indian Civil Service and Indian Foreign Policy, 1923-1961

Das Gupta, Amit

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List of photographs. Preface. Acknowledgements. Abbreviations. Introduction. I. Set-Up. 1. How it all began - Indians overseas 2. Key Protagonists - Girja Shankar Bajpai, K.P.S. Menon and Subimal Dutt II. Interwar Years - The Department of Education, Health and Lands 3. South Africa 4. East Africa 5. Ceylon 6. Malaya 7. Fiji, British Guiana, Australia and North America 8. World War II III. Nehruvian Foreign Policy 9. Return to Power 10. The Bajpai Years in the MEA 11. Bajpai's Heirs 12. Conclusion. Bibliography. Index.
ICS Officer;Tej Bahadur Sapru;Indian's diplomacy;Young Men;India's civil and foreign services;Round Table;Indian's history;Round Table Conferences;Indian's foreign policy;West Germany;Indian's civil service;Girja Shankar Bajpai;Indian Foreign Policy;Viceroy's Executive Council;UN;Nehruvian Foreign Policy;Srinivasa Sastri;Indian Foreign Affairs;FPD.;Nehru;Jawaharlal Nehru;Common Electoral Roll;Post-independence Foreign Policy;Gandhian Campaigns;McMahon Line;Tamil Nadu;South African Indians;Colonial Sugar Refining Company;Vijaya Lakshmi;Treaty Rights