Colonial Subjects

Colonial Subjects

Race, Law and Citizenship in the German Empire, 1884-1914

Nagl, Dominik

Taylor & Francis Ltd





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1. Defining the Colonial Space: German Lawmakers and the Problem of Hybridity 2. Separate and Unequal: Consular Jurisdiction and the Making of Colonial Apartheid 3. 'Native': An Impossible Concept 4. 'Germans but no Germans': Subjects without Rights 5. Becoming German: Naturalisation and Exclusion in the German Colonies 6. Strangers in the Fatherland: Colonial Migrants in Imperial Germany 7. Forbidden Love: Sexuality, Race and Marriage Law in the Colonial Situation
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German Empire;Otto von Bismarck;Kaiser Wilhelm II;Herero;Namibia;Togoland;Papua New Guinea;German East Africa;Citizenship;Racism;Genocide