Easy Listening and Film Scoring 1948-78

Easy Listening and Film Scoring 1948-78

Dubowsky, Jack Curtis

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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1 Introduction: Easy Listening and Film Scoring as Opportunities for Midcentury Composers and Arrangers

2 Music for Leisure, Music for Work: From a Conceptual Past to the LP, Stereo, and Multichannel Sound

3 Race and Easy Listening

4 Stylistic Subgenres of Easy Listening: The Cult of Bach, the Harpsichord Fetish,

and the Baroque

5 The Named and the Nameless: Easy Listening from the Anonymous to the Beatles

6 Henry Mancini: Songwriter, Star Commodity, Purveyor of Easy Listening

7 Michel Legrand: Le Jazzman et le baroque

8 The Endless Space Age: Easy Listening 1948-78 as Precursor to Musical Futures
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