Musics with and after Tonality

Musics with and after Tonality

Mining the Gap

Fleet, Paul

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1. Mining the Gap of Musics with and after Tonality
Paul Fleet (Newcastle University, UK)

2. Mining the Gap: What Gap?
Alistair Hinton (Composer and founder of the Sorabji Archive, UK)

3. Savage Minds in British Early-Twentieth Century Music

Annika Forkert (Royal Northern College of Music, UK)

4. Space and Structure in Metatonal Musics
Paul Fleet (Newcastle University, UK)

5. Carl Nielsen's Musical Vitalism
Christopher Tarrant (Newcastle University, UK)

6. 'The cautious experiments of M. K. Ciurlionis (1875-1911): tonalities and realisms in his art and music'
George Kennaway (Performer and Conductor, UK)

7. J.S. Bach and Metatonality in the Early Piano Pieces of Ferruccio Busoni
Erinn Knyt (University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA)

8. Ferrruccio Busoni - mirror and enigma: transcendence and the later piano works

Fred Scott (City, University of London, UK)

9. Diatonic refraction through metatonal spaces
Kenneth Smith (University of Liverpool, UK)

10. Transformed Desire: Scriabin's Transition Away from Functional Tonality
Jeff Yunek (Kennesaw State University, USA)

11. Musicology, Mediation, Metatonality: Rethinking the Music of Rebecca Clarke and Erwin Schulhoff
Chris Dromey (Middlesex University, UK)
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Chopin;Ferruccio Busoni;Octatonic Scale;Octatonic Collections;Viola Sonata;Tonal Energy;Frank Bridge;Franz Liszt;Mystic Chord;Die Gezeichneten;Pelleas Und Melisande;Salient Moments;Le Sacre Du Printemps;Cello Sonata;Bachian Counterpoint;Dominant Resolution;Nielsen's Music;Scriabin's Music;Bach's Music;Eaglefield Hull;Hexatonic Scale;Hawkes Music Publishers;Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart;Mozart;Tempered Clavier