Global Mental Health Training and Practice

Global Mental Health Training and Practice

An Introductory Framework

Acharya, Bibhav; Becker, Anne E.

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Section I: Social and Historical Contextualization of Global Mental Health 1. The Colonial and Postcolonial Roots of Global Mental Health Efforts 2. Resocializing Global Mental Health: What Anthropological Perspectives Offer to Learners, Educators, and Practitioners 3. Promoting Global Mental Health Equity in Training Programs: Establishing Ethical and Reciprocal Partnerships Section II: Strategies for Training in Global Mental Health 4. Developing a Global Mental Health Training Curriculum 5. Mentorship in Global Mental Health 6. Implementation of Integrated Care Models: Lessons for Training and Practice in Low-Resource Settings 7. Educational Partnerships: Addressing Challenges in Meeting Trainee Goals with Established or New Global Mental Health Educational Programs 8. Mobilizing a Range of Resources to Advance Research and Service in Global Mental Health Training 9. Student Engagement in Global Mental Health: Perspectives on Curricular, Extra-curricular, and Advocacy Opportunities Section III: Additional Areas for Special Focus in Global Mental Health Training 10. Training for Humanitarian Crisis Response and Mental Health System Reform 11. Neurology in Global Mental Health Delivery and Training 12. Substance Use Disorders in Global Mental Health Delivery and Training
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