Doing Ethics in Media

Doing Ethics in Media

Theories and Practical Applications

Roberts, Chris; Black, Jay

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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The First Question: What's Your Problem? 1. Ethics and Moral Reasoning The Second Question: Why Not Follow the Rules? 2. Codes of Ethics and Justification Models 3. Media Traditions and the Paradox of Professionalism The Third Question: Who Wins, Who Loses? 4. Moral Development and the Expansion of Empathy 5. Loyalty 6. Diversity The Fourth Question: What's It Worth? 7. Personal and Professional Values 8. Truth and Deception 9. Persuasion and Propaganda 10. Privacy and Public Life The Fifth Question: What Do Philosophers Say? 11. Consequentialism and Utility 12. Deontology and Moral Rules 13. Virtue, Justice, and Care The Sixth Question: How's Your Decision Going to Look? 14. Accountability, Transparency, and Credibility
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