Critical Perspectives on Michael Finnissy

Critical Perspectives on Michael Finnissy

Bright Futures, Dark Pasts

McBride, Nigel; Pace, Ian

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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Section A: Finnissy's Aesthetics and Styles 1. Michael Finnissy: Modernism with an English Accent Christopher Fox 2. Post-Experimental Survivor: Finnissy the Experimentalist Philip Thomas 3. Negotiating Borrowing, Genre and Mediation in the Piano Music of Finnissy: Strategies and Aesthetics Ian Pace 4. Ontological implications in the work of Finnissy Nigel McBride Section B: Finnissy's Identities 5. Marginality and Finnissian Performance in the 1980s Roddy Hawkins 6. 'My "personal themes"?!' Finnissy's Seventeen Homosexual Poets and the Material World Gregory Woods 7. Finnissy's Voices James Weeks 8. 'Listening to the instrument(s)': a performer's response to Finnissy's music for String Quartet and the Chi Mei Ricercari for cello and piano Neil Heyde Section C: Compositional Considerations 9. Notational and Non-notational paradigms in Finnissy's music Nigel McBride 10. Finnissy and Pantonality: Surface and Inner Necessity Arnold Whittall 11. The Medium is now the Material: The 'Folklore' of Chris Newman and Michael Finnissy Lauren Redhead 12. Finnissy's Hand James Weeks Section D: Contexts and Case Studies 13. Questioning the foreign and familiar: Interpreting Finnissy's use of traditional and non-Western musical sources Maarten Beirens 14. Finnissy's Three-Point Plans: Political Agendas and musical enunciations Max Erwin 15. Finnissy's alongside - Richard Barrett 16. From Jean-Luc Godard to Dennis Potter: Finnissy's Cinematic and Televisual Inspirations Ian Pace
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