This Bell Still Rings

This Bell Still Rings

My Life of Defiance and Song

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Contents Part One: Let My Little Light Shine 1. Memories Don't Fade 2. A Chronic Truant Sings 3. The Atomic Age Begins 4. Everything Changes 5. Postwar Dreams 6. From People's Songs to the Home Front 7. California, Here It Comes! 8. The Party's Over 9. Digging Underground 10. Byron Dances In 11. Gateway Swings to Berkeley 12. Yonder Come the Blues 13. San Francisco Bay Blues 14. Trouble in Mind Part Two: On My Way 15. From the Alley to the Grove 16. From Breakout to Blacklist 17. Livin' with the Blues 18. Priorities 19. Strange Bedfellows 20. Riding High on Sugar Hill 21. Buzz, Biz, Boom, Blam! 22. On the Emes, This Is True 23. Wake Up and Sing! 24. Do You, Mister Jones? 25. Which Side Are You On? 26. The Times, They Are a-Changin' Part Three: My American Dream 27. Irwin Calls, Lightnin' Strikes, Mississippi Beckons 28. Go Tell It on the Mountain 29. Navigating Obstacles Blanketed in Bliss 30. You Don't Know Me 31. Hard Rains Are a-Fallin' 32. Three-Mile Walk of Hope 33. Good Morning Blues 34. Cuba Si, Yanqui No! 35. Paul Becomes Pablo 36. He's Got the Whole World in His Hands 37. Singers of the World, Unite! 38. Levitate the Pentagon! 39. United We Are Strong 40. Unidentified Flying Object 41. Play Your Guitars, American Friends 42. La Voce dell'altra America 43. Building a Big Wall of Music 44. Free the Army! 45. Solidarity Forever Crossing Borders 46. Wild Women Don't Get the Blues 47. Give Peace a Chance Part Four: Nobody Gonna Turn Me 'Round 48. Pack Up Your Sorrows 49. A Musical Road Trip to Nowhere 50. You Just Can't Make It by Yourself 51. Will the Circle Be Unbroken? 52. Take It Slow and Easy 53. Throw It Away Some Rules for the Road Ahead Gratitude Barbara Dane Discography, Key Links, and More Index About the Author
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