Last Thirty Years in Public Health (Routledge Revivals)

Last Thirty Years in Public Health (Routledge Revivals)

Newsholme, Sir Arthur

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Preface; Part 1: Official Life in Whitehall 1. Introductory 2. Personal 3. Previous Medical Officers of the Local Government Boards 4. Local Administration of Public Health 5. Central Administration of Public Health 6. Secretaries and Technicians in the Government 7. Poverty in Relation to Sickness. The Chief Problem of Public Health 8. The Increasing Humanity of Destitution Authorities 9. The Investigations and Reports of the Royal Commission of 1905-9 10. Medical Care under the Poor Law 11. Difficulties in initiating Orderly Reform 12. Insurance for Medical Care 13. National Sickness Insurance 14. Provision for Research. Investigations on Tuberculosis 15. The Administrative Control of Tuberculosis 16. The Control of Venerable Diseases 17. The Evolution of Preventative Medicine: its Physiological side 18. Office Inquiries and Reports on Infant and Child Mortality 19. Public Administration and Child Health 20. Rivalry between Government Departments 21. Natural Selection and Infant Mortality. Investigations in Eugenics 22. Motherhood 23. Maternal Mortality 24. The Great War Part 2: Recollections of American Public Health and Social Work 25. The Red Cross in Peace Time 26. Itineraries 27. William Henry Welch 28. Other American Pioneers in Public Helath 29. Work and Leisure at Baltimore 30. The Training and Tenure Office of Public Health Officers 31. American Public Health as related to Federal and State Government 32. City Administration in the United States 33. Voluntary Agencies in Public Health and Welfare Work in the United States 34. Endowed Foundations and Socio-Hygenic Work in America 35. The Story of "Prohibition" in the United States 36. Outstanding American Achievements in Public Health 37. American Achievements in Tropical and Sub-Tropical Diseases 38. Health Problems in Tropical Medicine Part 3: The Increasing Socialisaion of Medicine 39. European Inquiries on Medical Work 40. The Costs of Medical Care in the United States 41. Two National Medical Associations: A Contrast 42. A Visit to Soviet Russia 43. Soviet Communism 44. Nationalised or State Medical Services in U.S.S.R 45. Nationalised Medical Services in other Countries; List of Personal Contributions to Journals, etc.; Epilogue; Index of Names of Persons; Index of Subjects
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Local Government Board;Arthur Newsholme;Held;Health Administration;Public Health Administration;Health Insurance;Medicine And The State;Medicine and Public Health;Public Health Work;Public Health;Child Welfare Work;The Ministry of Health;Voluntary Hospitals;Tuberculosis;Private Medical Practitioner;Payment;Conferred;Sick;Milbank Memorial Fund;Phthisis;Medical Care;Milbank Fund;Milbank;Phthisical Death Rates;Local Government Act;General Register Office;Poor Law;Child;Puerperal Mortality;Largest Public Health Authorities