Interior Urbanism Theory Reader

Interior Urbanism Theory Reader

Marinic, Gregory

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PART 1: HISTORIES & TYPOLOGIES 1. The Arcade 2. The Street 3. The Megablock 4. The Laneway 5. The Bazaar 6. The Platform City 7. The Skywalk 8. The Atrium 9. The Subway 10. The Railway Station 11. The Government Center 12. The Library 13. The Museum 14. The Department Store 15. The Shopping Mall 16. The Supermarket 17. The Hotel 18. The Cruise Ship PART 2: THEORIES & INFLUENCES Inhabitation 19. Interiorized Urbanism: Inhabiting the City between Mobility and Domestication 20. The Roman Domus: Interior Urbanism at a Domestic Scale 21. Public Urban Interiors 22. Intimate Inhabitation: Toward an Intercourse of Creaturely Urbanism Threshold 23. Inside-Out and Outside-In: Projecting the Idea of the Urban Theater 24. Permeability and the Urban Interior 25. When the Whole Neighborhood Becomes Home: Domestic Interiors of an Urban Kampung 26. Contextualizing and Politicizing the Urban Public Interiors of Istanbul 27. Shopping Spaces in the East and West Culture 28. New Interior Identities: Inhabiting London's Railway Stations, Winter Gardens, People's Palaces, and Department Stores, 1830-1920 29. Arcading Cleveland: From Continental Europe to America 30. Canadian Academic Interior Urbanism as a Climatic and Cultural Response 31. Bedouin Women Sellers and Kuwait's Souk Wajif 32. Performative Activators: Interior Urbanism and the Spaces of Cultural Production Identity 33. Queering the Urban Room: Toward a Resilient Urban Design Praxis 34. Sacred Adsorptions: Civic Sites for (Gendered) Public Mourning in Yazd, Iran 35. How Home Creates Us: Femininity, Memory, and Domestic Space 36. Transient Interiorities: Space, Gender, and Bucharest Street Culture 37. Bathhouse Memories Temporality 38. Chimeric City: Liminal Spaces of Indian Night Markets 39. Imagination as an Act: Extended Realities in Interior Urbanism 40. Sound Mind: Media and Mediations of Interior Soundscapes 41. Fluid Interfaces Vastness 42. Brutalist Interior Urbanism: Visions, Paradigms, Design Strategies 43. A Paradoxical Imago Mundi: The No-Stop City by Archizoom Associati 44. Seoul, Underground City 45. Lower West Side Story: The World Trade Center and the Interior Masterplan Speculation 46. A Theory of Origin: A Proto-typology of Interior Urbanism 47. Urban Interior Networks 48. Envisioning the Future of Interior Urbanism 49. The Subjective City: Towards a Reconceptualization of Urban Interiority 50. A Brief Allegory of Capitalism in the Time of Plague
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