Imagining Bodies and Performer Training

Imagining Bodies and Performer Training

The Legacies of Jacques Lecoq and Gaston Bachelard

Nixon, Ellie

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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1. Jacques Lecoq and Gaston Bachelard: Towards a Training Paradigm for the Embodied Life of Imagining 2. AIR: Imagination as a Worldly Process 3. FIRE: Inflaming the Imagining Attitude 4. EARTH: Penetrating the Depths of the Resistant World and the Will to Action 5. WATER: Co-poiesis and the Will to Expression 6. REPERCUSSIONS: Eco-futures for Imagining Bodies
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Jacques Lecoq;Gaston Bachelard;Performer training;Devising;Contemporary theatre;Reverie;Dramaturgy