Fascist Faith of the Legion "Archangel Michael" in Romania, 1927-1941

Fascist Faith of the Legion "Archangel Michael" in Romania, 1927-1941

Martyrdom and National Purification

Iordachi, Constantin

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Introduction: Fascism as a Political Faith: Toward a New Research Framework

A New Covenant: The Making of the Legionary Political Faith, 1927-1937

National Unification, Cleavages, and Charismatic Nationalism in Greater Romania

A New Political Faith: National Authenticity and theCult of the Ancestors

Charismatic Nationalism, Patriarchalism, and Salvation: The Cult of the "Captain"

Manufacturing Martyrdom: The Cult of the Fallen Soldiers, Terrorism, and Salvific Sacrifice

Fascist Constituencies: Social Identities and Fascist Radicalization
A Continuum of Dictatorships: Hybrid Totalitarian Experiments, 1937-1944

Carol Ii's Dictatorship: From Antifascism to Fascistization (1938-1940)

Teaching the New Faith: The Legion's Rule (1940-1941)

A Fascist Festival of the Dead: Codreanu's Reburial and the Politics of National Resurrection

The Legionary Faith and the Romanian Orthodox Church

Conclusion: From a Civil Religion to a Fascist Political Faith
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