Sociological Paradigms and Human Resources

Sociological Paradigms and Human Resources

An African Context

Kamoche, Ken N.

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Introduction; Human resource management; Management in Africa; Multi-paradigm analysis; An analysis of recruitment within the functionalist paradigm; An analysis of training within the functionalist paradigm; A radical critique of HRM; An interpretive analysis of HRM; Conclusion.
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Adopt HRM Practice;African Context;HRD;Human Resources;Hr Committee;Sociological Paradigms;HRM Model;international;Hr Initiative;management debate;Radical Structuralist Paradigm;radical social theory;HRM Practice;strategic human resource management;Functionalist Paradigm;organizational theory;Hr Function;African management;Hr Manager;Inter-paradigm Debate;Hr Practice;HRM Initiative;Hr Strategy;Performance Appraisal;Guest's Model;African Thought System;Functional Flexibility;Purposive Rationality;Subjective Objective Dimension;Contemporary HRM;SHRM Literature;Regulation Radical Change Dimension;Multi-paradigmatic Enquiry;Unwelcome Guests