Routledge Handbook on Women in the Middle East

Routledge Handbook on Women in the Middle East

Joseph, Suad; Zaatari, Zeina

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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Preface and Acknowledgements; Introduction Pre-Islamic Through Post-Colonial Histories 1. Women in the Ancient Middle East; 2. Women in Islamic Middle East; 3. Women of the Middle East in the Colonial and Postcolonial Eras Politics and the State 4. Women and Citizenship; 5. Women's Political Participation in the Middle East; 6. The Gendering of U.S. Refugee Subjects in the Middle East; 7. Securitized Masculinities: Europe's Muslims and Middle Eastern Diasporas after 9/11; 8. The Body and Revolution in the Middle East Family, Law, and the State 9. Family and the State; 10. Islamic Family Law; 11. Activism, Gender, Transparency, and Family Law: Linking Efforts in Family Law Reform with Anti-Corruption, Transparency, and Accountability; 12. Women and Marriage in the Middle East Political and Social Movements 13. Women and Revolution in the Middle East; 14. Political Transformations, Protests, (Counter)revolutions, and Body Politics in the Middle East; 15. Women's Movements in the Middle East: From Feminist Consciousness to Intersectional Feminism and Everything in Between; 16. Women in Middle East Revolutions and States' Gendered Responses Discourses and Practices of Religion 17. The Religious/Secular Binary In Women's Islamic Activism: A Critical Feminist Epistemology; 18. Religious Practices of Muslim Women in the Middle East; 19. Middle Eastern Jewish Women and Religion Economy and Education 20. Women's Economic Empowerment and Development in the Middle East; 21. Women and the Informal Economy; 22. Migrant Domestic Work in the Middle East; 23. Gender and Consumerism in the Middle East; 24. Women and/in Higher Education in the Middle East: Past and Present Counter/Publics 25. Women, Journalism, and Media; 26. The Art of Presence: Middle Eastern Women in the Digital Age; 27. Women's Participation in Public and Street Art; 28. Egypt: The Vanished Representations of Gender and Graffiti After 2011 Sites of Cultural Productions 29. Art as Material Form and Agent: Becoming 'Middle Eastern Women' through Art; 30. Arab Women's Literature from Anonymity to Global Presence; 31. Women and Performance/ Entertaining: Music, Dance, and Cinema; 32. Comics by Middle Eastern Genderqueer and Women Artists Gendering Health Practices 33. Middle East Women's Health in the Context of Patriarchy and Social Change; 34. New Reproductive Technologies; 35. Women's Health and Aging in the Middle East; 36. Women and Mental Health in the Middle East Bodies and Sexualities 37. Masculinity in the Middle East: A Growing Field; 38. Women's Bodies as Sites of Political Struggle: A History of Unfinished Protests; 39. Sex and Politics; 40. Notes on Sartorial Representations of the Middle East; 41. Middle East Queer Affairs: Concepts, Bodies, and Politics; 42. Gender Nonconformity and Transness in the Middle East Gendered Violence 43. Intimate and Domestic Violence in the Middle East; 44. Sexual Violence in Public in the Middle East and North Africa; 45. Gendered Socioeconomic Consequences of Armed Conflict in the Middle East; List of Contributors
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