Rethinking Global Health

Rethinking Global Health

Frameworks of Power

Burgess, Rochelle

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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1. Introduction: Global Health and uncomfortable truths. 2. Violence against women as a global health issue: winners and losers in agenda setting? 3. Everyday interventions: Psychiatric power revisited in Global Mental health. 4. Re-thinking the global health emergency: power at work in making and shaping of global health crises. 5. Old becomes new: Haiti, Cholera and the matrix of domination in Global Health. 6. Conclusion: A future better than our past in global health: Community psychology as a panacea.
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Power;international development;HIV;globalisation;agency;communities;governmentality;interventions;Foucault;Bourdieu;transference;agenda setting;power-knowledge;mental health;gender inequality;Ebola;AIDS;NGOs;liberation theology