Researching the Far Right

Researching the Far Right

Theory, Method and Practice

Macklin, Graham; Busher, Joel; Winter, Aaron; Ashe, Stephen D.

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Part I: Disciplinary overviews 1. Political science approaches to the far right 2. Historians and the contemporary far right: To bring (or not to bring) the past into the present? 3. A Sociological survey of the far right 4. Right thinking: Criminologists on right wing extremism 5. Getting inside 'the head' of the far right: Psychological responses to the socio-political context 6. Neo-nationalism and far right studies: Anthropological perspectives Part II: Quantitative and online research 7. Estimating the far right vote with aggregate data 8. Methods for mapping far right violence 9. Challenges and opportunities of social media research: Using Twitter and Facebook to investigate far right discourses 10. Big data and the resurgence of the far right within the United States of America 11. Researching far-right hypermedia environments: a case-study of the German online platform Part III: Interviewing the far right 12. Methodology matters: researching the far right 13. Interviewing members of the White Power Movement in the United States: Reflections on research strategies and challenges of right-wing extremists 14. Life-history interviews with right-wing extremists Part IV: Ethnographic studies of the far right 15. An observational study of the Norwegian far right: some reflections 16. Overcoming racialization in the field: Practicing ethnography on the far right as a researcher of color 17. Negotiating ethical dilemmas during an ethnographic study of anti-minority activism: A personal reflection on the adoption of a 'non-dehumanization' principle 18. Whiteness, class and the 'communicative community': A doctoral researcher's journey to a local political ethnography Part V: The significance of place, culture and performance when researching the far right 19. Studying local context to fathom far right success 20. Studying the peripheries: Iconography and embodiment in far right youth subcultures 21. Normalization to the right: Analyzing the micro-politics of the far right Part VI: The intersection of academic and activist positionalities and disseminating far right research 22. Getting insights and inside far right groups 23. From demonization to normalization: Reflecting on far right research
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