Reintroducing Healthy Movement into Daily Life

Reintroducing Healthy Movement into Daily Life

Combating Stress, Disease and Ill Health

McQueen-Fuentes, Glenys; Warren, Bernie

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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Section One: The Value Of Movement 1.1 The Value Of Movement To Healthy Development 1.2 Movement Is Everywhere And In Everything We Do 1.3 Why Is Daily Movement So Important? 1.4 The Benefits Of Movement Section Two: How Space Affects Daily Social Interactions And Mood 2.1 Space And Eastern Philosophy 2.2 Theatrical Space 2.3. Interpersonal and Therapeutic Space 2.4 Therapy And Performance In A Taoist Context Section Three: Staying Healthy In An Unhealthy World - Reframing Behaviours And Attitudes 3.1 Mistakes And Bad Habits - How To Remove Them 3.2 Mind Management Section Four: Simple Ways To Re-Integrate Healthy Movement Into Your Daily Life 4.1 No Need to Go to a Gym? 4.2 Starting Simply Section Five: Walking The Silk Road - Selected Eastern Based Exercises for Individuals 5.1 Essential Eastern Exercises 5.2 Adapted Exercises 5.3 Walking For Health 5.4 Breathe Smile Stretch - Brief Routines For Busy People 5.5 Cool Down Exercises Section Six: Moving With The Universe - Ideas And Suggestions from Western Movement Practice 6.1 From Stasis To Movement 6.2 Avoiding New Niggles- Preparing Body For Action 6.3 Exploring Your Body And Space 6.4 Exploring Movement Vocabulary 6.5 Reducing Stress Section Seven: Working With Groups 7.1 Leading Movement Workshops And Classes - Helping Others Change Their Story 7.2 Exercises For Groups
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