Regional Policy

Regional Policy

Theory and Practice

Fratesi, Ugo

Taylor & Francis Inc






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Introduction to the book PART A: DEFINITIONS, JUSTIFICATIONS AND AIMS OF REGIONAL POLICY 1. Definition and overview of regional policy 2. The rationale for regional policy 3. The objectives of regional policy PART B: THE IMPLEMENTATION OF REGIONAL POLICY 4. The regional policy process and its governance 5. The instruments of regional policy 6. Innovation and regional policy PART C: THE ASSESSMENT OF REGIONAL POLICY 7. The evaluation of regional policy PART D: REGIONAL POLICY UNDER DIFFERENT CIRCUMSTANCES 8. Regional policy in specific contexts 9.Conclusions: established trends in regional policy
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Regional policy;Regional growth;Regional development;Regional development agency;Regional policy instruments;Regional policy implementation;Regional policy evaluation;Regional economics;Economic geography;Regional planning;Local competitiveness;Territorial cohesion;Spatial planning;Spatial justice;Congestion diseconomies;Regional strategy;Devolution;Decentralization;Smart specialization;Urban policy;Urban planning;City planning