Popular Music

Popular Music

A Teacher's Guide

Vulliamy, Graham

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Part 1. Why this Series? Part 2. Guidance for Teachers and Classroom Projects 1. Introduction 2. Alternative Criteria: Meaning and Implications 3. Rhythm in Afro-American Music 4. Singing 5. Melody, Harmony, Counterpoint and Form 6. Orchestration, Tone and Timbre 7. Popular Song Lyrics 8. Youth Culture 9. Black Studies 10. References Part 3. Further Resources 11. Folksong and Music Hall Edward Lee 12. Jazz and Blues Graham Vulliamy 13. Tin Pan Alley John Shepherd 14. Rock 'n' Roll Dave Rogers 15. Soul and Motown Simon Frith 16. Reggae and Caribbean Music Dick Hebdige 17. Contemporary Folk Song Brian Carroll 18. Rock Music Dave Rogers
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