People's Republic of China, Volumes I and II

People's Republic of China, Volumes I and II

I: Natural Resources, Population and Social Life; II: Policies and Implications of Structural Reform

Pieke, Frank N.

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Contents: Volume I: Natural Resources, Population and Social Life: Natural Resources, Pollution and The Environment: Anthropogenic factors in land-use change in China, Gerhard K. Heilig; China's energy and resource uses: continuity and change, Vaclav Smil; Industrial pollution in China and remedial policies, Eduard B. Vermeer. China's Population: Growth and Control: Malthusian models and Chinese realities: the Chinese demographic system 1700-2000, James Lee and Wang Feng; Controlling births and bodies in village China, Susan Greenhalgh; Infant abandonment and adoption in China, Kay Johnson, Huang Banghan and Wang Liyao. Marriage and Social Relations: Dynamics of marriage change in Chinese rural society in transition: a study of a Northern Chinese village, Weiguo Zhang; Marriage quality: measurement and determinants, Xu Anqi and Ye Wenzhen; The culture of guanxi in a North China village, Yunxiang Yan; The institutional process of market clientelism: guanxi and private business in a South China city, David L. Wank. The Rural-Urban Divide, Urbanization, Mobility and Ethnic Plurality: The hukou system and rural-urban migration in China: processes and changes, Kam Wing Chan and Li Zhang; Desakotas and beyond: urbanization in Southern China, Gregory Eliyu Guldin; Native place, migration and the emergence of peasant enclaves in Beijing, Lawrence J.C. Ma and Biao Xiang; Being Chinese: the peripheralization of traditional identity, Myron L. Cohen; The call of Mao or money? Han Chinese settlers on China's South-western borders, Mette Halskov Hansen. Education and Health Care: The 'marketization' of Chinese higher education: a critical assessment, Yin Qiping and Gordon White (1994); Economic reform and attainment in basic education in China, Tsui Kai-yuen; The Chinese health care system: lessons for other nations, William C.L. Hsaio; From 'barefoot doctor' to 'village doctor' in Tiger Springs village: a case study of rural health care transformations in socialist China, Sydney D. White; Women's health status and gender inequality in China, Mei-yu Yu and Rosemary Sarri; Name index. Volume II: Policies and Implications of Structural Reform: Market Reform: Policies and Practice: China's economic growth in an international context, Nicholas R. Lardy; Redefining state, plan and market: China's reforms in agricultural commerce, Terry Sicular; Enterprise bankruptcies and the restructuring of China's state-owned sector: a review of some recent problems and prospects for future success, Russell Smyth. Market Reform: Structural Implications: Income and inequality in China: composition, distribution and growth of household income 1988-1995, Azizur Rahman Khan and Carl Riskin; From organized dependence to disorganized despotism: changing labour regimes in Chinese factories, Ching Kwan Lee; The reform of social welfare in China, Mark Selden and Laiyin You; The Communist legacy in post-Mao economic growth, Lance L.P. Gore. Political and Legal reform: Policies and Practice: Jiang Zemin's successor: the rise of the 4th generation of leaders in the PRC, Li Cheng; Reforming China's cadre management system: 2 views of a civil service, Lam Tao-chiu and Hon S. Chan; The Chinese legal system: continuing commitment to the primacy of state power, Pitman B. Potter; Chinese civic associations: an empirical analysis, Minxin Pei. Political and Legal reform: Protest, Resistance and Deviance: Institutional amphibiousness and the transition from Communism: the case of China, X.L. Ding; Chinese intellectuals' quest for national greatness and nationalistic writing in the 1990s, Suisheng Zhao; Acting out democracy: political theater in modern China, Joseph W. Esherick and Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom; Villagers and popular resistance in China, Lianjiang Li and Kevin J. O'Brien. Culture, Consumerism and Lifestyle: Recycling tradition: culture, history and political economy in the chrysanthemum festivals in South China, Helen F. Siu; Body, discourse and the cultural politics of contemporary Chinese qigong, Jian Xu; Prostitutes, prostitution and STD/HIV transmission in mainland China, Vincent E. Gil, Marco S. Wang, Allen F. Anderson, Guo Matthew Lin and Zongjian Oliver Wu; Eating Chinese medicine, Judith Farquhar; Name index.
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