New Techniques of Grief Therapy

New Techniques of Grief Therapy

Bereavement and Beyond

Neimeyer, Robert A.

Taylor & Francis Inc






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Preface Foreword by Darcy Harris List of Contributors Part I. Framing the Work 1. Reconstructing the Continuing Bond: A Process Analysis of Grief Therapy Robert A. Neimeyer and An Hooghe 2. The Meaning in Loss Group: Principles, Processes and Procedures Robert A. Neimeyer, Evgenia (Jane) Milman and Edith Maria Steffen 3. Culturally Sensitive Approaches to Finding Meaning in Traumatic Bereavement Geert E. Smid and Paul A. Boelen 4. Suffering a Death Wish: The Psychology of Medical Aid in Dying Christopher J. MacKinnon, Deborah Ummel, Florence Vinit and Erica Srinivasan 5. Grief after Non-Death Losses Darcy Harris 6. Posttraumatic Growth and Expert Companionship in Grief Therapy Richard G. Tedeschi and Lawrence G. Calhoun Part II. Evaluating Grief 7. The Persistent Complex Bereavement Inventory (PCBI) Sherman A. Lee and Evgenia (Jane) Milman 8. The Social Meaning in Life Events Scale (SMILES) Benjamin W. Bellet 9. Quality of Relationships Inventory-Bereavement Version (QRI-B) Jamison S. Bottomley and Robert A. Neimeyer 10. Death Imagery Scale Joah L. Williams, Edward K. Rynearson, & Alyssa A. Rheingold Part III. Moving through Bereavement 11. The Grieving Styles Grid Robert A. Neimeyer 12. The Grief Dance Andria Wilson 13. Walking the Labyrinth Jane Williams 14. Drawing it Out Cindy S. Perkiss Part IV. Articulating Ambiguous Loss 15. What Have You Lost? Robert A. Neimeyer 16. Letters to Love, Time and Death Robert A. Neimeyer and Kathleen Rogers 17. The Human Animal Bond Sara Gody Jackson Bybee Part V. Practicing Self Care 18. Online Support Shelly Cory, Christopher J. MacKinnon, Andrea Warnick and Fred Nelson 19. Differentiating Grief and Depression Elizabeth Sheppard Hewitt 20. Concentrated Eye Gazing Antonio Sausys 21. Dance and Movement for Therapist Self-Care Sara Gody Jackson Bybee Part VI. Fostering Compassion 22. Forgiveness Therapy Judy Chew 23. Writing A Letter of Condolence Lisa L. Clark and Jessica Sawyer 24. Thematic Analysis Judy Chew Part VII. Working with Emotion 25. Balancing Caring and Daring Jakob van Wielink, Leo Wilhelm, and Denise van Geelen-Merks 26. Externalizing Conversations Carolyn Ng 27. The Castle Riet Fiddelaers-Jaspers 28. Redecision and Reaffirmation Gilbert Fan & Geok Ling Lee 29. Figurative Stories Riet Fiddelaers-Jaspers Part VIII. Utilizing Imagery 30. Mindful Photography Jessica Thomas 31. My House After Loss An Hooghe, Nele Stinckens & Nils Van Uffelen 32. The Virgin Island Geok Ling Lee 33. The Gate of My Heart Riet Fiddelaers-Jaspers Part IX. Revising Personal Meaning 34. Re-composing the Self in the Wake of Loss Agnieszka Konopka and Robert A. Neimeyer 35. Memory Reconsolidation Jakob van Wielink, Leo Wilhelm, and Denise van Geelen-Merks 36. The Identity Constellation Exercise Christopher J. MacKinnon, Dina Szynkarsky and Leigh Stephens 37. Voice Dialogue Jakob van Wielink and Anita Bakker 38. Symbolic Reframing Judy Chew 39. Coin Therapy Gilbert Fan Part X. Reaffirming Attachment 40. The Transition Cycle Jakob van Wielink, Leo Wilhelm, and Denise van Geelen-Merks 41. Creating a Sensory Portal Diana C. Sands 42. Working with Blocks An Hooghe & Peter Rober 43. The Secure Base Map Jakob van Wielink, Leo Wilhelm, and Denise van Geelen-Merks 44. Player of Life Carolyn Ng & Joanne Ng 45. Habits of the Heart Joshua Magariel Part XI. Dialoguing with the Deceased 46. Consulting the Deceased Wendy G. Lichtenthal, Aliza A. Panjwani, and Melissa Masterson 47. Interviewing the Internalized Other Nancy J. Moules and Kenneth J. Doka 48. Induced After Death Communication Cesar Valdez, John R. Jordan, and Allan Botkin Part XII. Validating Lives 49. Dignity Therapy Harvey Max Chochinov and Lori Montross 50. A Hike to Remember Erica D. Huber & Laurie A. Burke 51. The Sharing Plate Cynthia Louise Harrison 52. Life Lessons Learned Kenneth J. Doka Part XIII. Re-storying Loss 53. Grief Dialogues Elizabeth Coplan 54. Response Writing Dialogues Katarzyna Malecka and Janie Taylor 55. Writing to Heal Rhonda Davis 56. Karuna Cards Claudia Coenen Part XIV. Facilitating Support 57. Envisioning Transitions Robert A. Neimeyer and Doris Chambers Vaughans 58. The Meaningful Conversation Wendy G. Lichtenthal, Melissa Masterson, and Aliza A. Panjwani 59. Dyadic Eye Gazing Rickie Simpson and Kerry-Lyn Stanton-Downes
bereavement care; bereavement support; elder care; grief therapy; hospice; hospital; industrial psychology; organizational psychology; palliative care; traumatic loss