Music Psychology

Music Psychology

Kurth, Ernst; Neidhoefer, Christoph; Tan, Daphne

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Section 1. Tone Psychology and Music Psychology

Chapter 1. Initial consideration: the phenomenon of tone

Chapter 2. The structure of the experiences of tone

Chapter 3. Areas and boundaries of music psychology

Section 2. Force, Space, Matter

Chapter 1. Energy from a psychological perspective

Chapter 2. The problem of the image of motion [Bewegungsbild]

Chapter 3. Psychic and physical energy

Chapter 4. The musical phenomenon of space

Chapter 5. The matter-illusion

Section 3. Phenomenal Forms of Sonic Material

Chapter 1. Harmony [Zusammenklang]

Chapter 2. The Dynamism of Sound

Chapter 3. Chordal Motion

Section 4. Phenomenal Forms of Movement

Chapter 1. On the psychology of the concept of form

Chapter 2. Basic psychic functions in melodic formation

Chapter 3. Rhythmic continuous forms
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Individual Tones;Music Psychology;Tone Psychology;Chordal Tensions;Pitch Height;Dense;Dim;Single Tone;Accentual Rhythm;Hold;Sonic Material;Psychic Phenomenon;Follow;Spatial Impression;Entire Chord;Primary Tones;Feeds Back;Sustained Tone;Gravitational Point;Developmental Motives;Aural Impression;Enharmonic Reinterpretation;Individual Intervals;Mozart;Sounding Stimuli