Millennial Metropolis

Millennial Metropolis

Space, Place and Territory in the Remaking of London

Hutton, Tom

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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1. Urban Change and the Reproduction of Space 2. The Governance of Space in London: From political economy to neo-liberalism 3. Money Metropolis: Financialization, spaces of capital, and the property machine 4. Global Capital and Urban Megaprojects: The appropriation of place-identity and social memory 5. Culture and the Remaking of Place and Territory: Space, local regeneration and the instrumental use of culture 6. The Convivial City: Spaces of spectacle, encounter and experience 7. Spaces of Innovation: The 'Tech City' trope and place branding in London 8. New Gentrifiers and Emblematic Territories: Hypergentrification, displacement in situ and territorial dislocation 9. Inscriptions of Postcolonialism and Social History: Class signifiers, persistent localism and vernacular spaces in London 10. Brexit London: The liberal city in a neo-liberal state
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