Lean Sustainability

Lean Sustainability

A Pathway to a Circular Economy

Furterer, Sandra L.; Cudney, Elizabeth A.; Laux, Chad M.; Hundal, Gaganpreet S.

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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1. Introduction. 2. Lean Overview. 3. Sustainability Overview. 4. Systems Thinking and the Circular Economy. 5. Cultivating a Lean Sustainability Culture. 6. Integrated Lean and Sustainability Framework. 7. Selecting and Prioritizing Lean Green Projects. 8. Mapping the Value Stream for an Eco-Friendly Flow of Material and Information. 9. Using a Lean Sustainability Lens for Business Process Mapping. 10. Analyzing Lean, Value, and Waste for Sustainable Continuous Improvement. 11. Using 5S to Reduce the Environmental Footprint. 12. Tracking Sustainability Efforts through Visual Management. 13. Utilizing Single-Minute Exchange of Dies for an Environmentally Friendly Changeover Process. 14. Employing Total Productive Maintenance for Eco-Friendly Equipment Maintenance. 15. Integrating Sustainability Principles into Mistake Proofing to Prevent Waste. 16. Ensuring Consistent Performance through Standard Work. 17. Environmentally Conscious Material Movement throughout the Enterprise. 18. Creating a Green Supply Chain. 19. Integrating Sustainability into the Organization's Strategic Goals Using Hoshin Kanri. 20. Sustaining Lean Sustainability as a Strategic Initiative. 21. Shifting from a Linear to a Circular Economy. 22. Future and Challenges of Lean Green Sustainability. 23. Developing a University Sustainability Recycling Process and Metrics. 24. Implementing Lean Sustainability Practices in Agriculture. 25. Applying Lean Sustainability Principles to Fuel Testing at a National Airport. 26. Incorporating Lean Sustainability Improvement in a Hospital's Sterile Instrument Processing.
Value Stream Mapping;VSM;Continuous Improvement;Environmentally Conscious;Process Improvement;5S