Introducing Autodesk Maya

Introducing Autodesk Maya

Derakhshani, Dariush

Taylor & Francis Ltd





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About the Author. Introduction. 1. Introduction to Computer Graphics and 3D. 2. Jumping into Basic Animation Head First. 3. The Autodesk (R) Maya (R) Interface. 4. Beginning Polygonal Modeling. 5. Modeling with NURBS Surfaces and Deformers. 6. Practical Experience! 7. Autodesk (R) Maya (R) Shading and Texturing. 8. Introduction to Animation. 9. More Animation! 10. Autodesk (R) Maya (R) Lighting. 11. Autodesk (R) Maya (R) and Arnold Rendering. 12. Autodesk (R) Maya (R) Dynamics and Effects. Index.
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3ds Max;Modeling;Textures;3d art;Visual effects;3d animation