Intercultural Communication, Identity, and Social Movements in the Digital Age

Intercultural Communication, Identity, and Social Movements in the Digital Age

D'Silva, Margaret U.; Atay, Ahmet

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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Introduction Cultural Identity and Activism In Digital Spaces Margaret U. D'Silva and Ahmet Atay Part I Intercultural Communication, Online Community, and Identity Chapter 1 From Pen Pals to ePals: Mediated Intercultural Exchange in a Historical Perspective Katie Day Good Chapter 2 Western Media's Influence on Identity Negotiation in Pre-Asylum 'Gay' Men Nathian Shae Rodriguez Chapter 3 'Serving Activist Realness': The New Drag Superstars and Activism Under Trump Renee Middlemost Chapter 4 Brexit and EU Migration in the BBC and CNN: Britishness versus EU Identity Fathi Bourmeche Chapter 5 Who am I?, Who are They?: Otherness in the Human Rights Discourse of the United Nations Facebook Pages Monserrat Fernandez-Vela Part II Intercultural Communication and Online Social Movements Chapter 6 Tents, Tweets, and Television: Communicative Ecologies and the No to Military Trials for Civilians Grassroots Campaign in Revolutionary Egypt Nina Gronlykke Mollerup Chapter 7 "Unfriending" Is Easy: Intercultural Miscommunication on Social Networks Olga Baysha Chapter 8 Analyzing the Women to Drive Campaign on Facebook Huda Mohsin Alsahi Chapter 9 "Does This Lab Coat Make Me Look #DistractinglySexy?": A Critical Discourse Analysis of a Feminist Hashtag Campaign Alex Rister & Jennifer Sandoval Chapter 10 Papuan Political Resistance on Social Media: Regionalisation and Internationalisation of Papuan Identity Yuyun W. I Surya
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activism; communication studies; computer mediated communication; cultural studies; digital media; ICC; social media