Integrating a Victim Perspective within Criminal Justice

Integrating a Victim Perspective within Criminal Justice

International Debates

Goodey, Jo; Crawford, Adam

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Contents: Introduction, Adam Crawford; An overview of key themes, Jo Goodey. The status of victims: Victims as consumers of the criminal justice system?, Renee Zauberman; Individualization of the victim: from positivism to postmodernism, Leslie Sebba; Taking the law into their own hands: victims as offenders, David Miers; Implications of the international crime victims survey for a victim perspective, Jan van Dijk. Victims within criminal justice: The new status of victims in the UK: opportunities and threats, Helen Reeves and Kate Mulley; Victims and criminal justice: creating responsible criminal justice agencies, Joanna Shapland; Integrating a victim perspective in criminal justice through victim impact statements, Edna Erez; Victims' rights, defendants' rights and criminal procedure, Andrew Ashworth; Victims and restorative justice: The practice of family group conferences in New Zealand: assessing the place, potential and pitfalls of restorative justice, Allison Morris and Gabrielle Maxwell; Integrating a multi-victim perspective into criminal justice through restorative justice conferences, Richard Young; Extending the victim perspective towards a systemic restorative justice alternative, Lode Walgrave; Salient themes towards a victim perspective and the limitations of restorative justice: some concluding comments, Adam Crawford. Index.
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