Gender, Sexuality and Social Justice

Gender, Sexuality and Social Justice

Unpacking Dominant Development and Policy Discourses

Antillon Najlis, Camilo; Heumann, Silke

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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1: Mapping the intersections of gender, sexuality, 'race' and social justice in the field of development and policy Part I: Gender, sexual rights and non-normative gender expressions and sexualities 2: Understanding incarceration and spousal/ partner relationships: An exploration of female imprisonment and its effects on family relations in Zimbabwe 3: Colombian women and US servicemen: encounters and experiences from Melgar 4: Salir adelante: The intersections of teenage pregnancy as experienced in the city of Monterrey, Mexico Part II: Unpacking development and policy interventions in the field of sexual and reproductive health and rights 5: Women rights and empowerment beyond the liberal paradigm: Understanding Sexuality and Power Relations from the Life Experiences of Young Women in Nicaragua 6: Examining Power/ Knowledge in the contestations of Medical Male Circumcision in Zimbabwe 7: Silences and misrepresentations in the international child marriage discourse: a double reading of Girls Not Brides 8: Bending the private-public gender norms: schooling experiences of young mothers from low-income households in Kenya 9: Politics of Identities: problematics of categories, labels and languages in LGBTQI+ movement in Bangladesh Part III: Gender, sexuality and 'race': migration and the politics of identity and othering 10: Narratives of Being and Belonging from the Perspectives of Young Dutch-Muslims in the Netherlands 11: Men, Migration and Masculinities: An intersectional analysis of Bangladeshi Migrant men in the Hague, Netherlands 12: Migration, Sex Work and Exploitative Labor Conditions: Experiences of Nigerian Women in the Sex Industry in Turin, Italy, and Counter-Trafficking Measures
Sexuality;Global South;International Development;Inequality;Social Justice;Sexual Empowerment;Reproductive health;Sexual diversity;Heteronormativity;Teenage pregnancy;NGOs;LGBT;LGBTIQ;Development Policy;Discrimination