Frantz Fanon's Psychotherapeutic Approaches to Clinical Work

Frantz Fanon's Psychotherapeutic Approaches to Clinical Work

Practicing Internationally with Marginalized Communities

Neville, Helen; Turner, Lou

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Introduction Lou Turner and Helen A. Neville Section 1: Fanon's Clinical Work in Historical Context Frantz Fanon, Institutional Psychotherapy, and the Decolonization of Psychiatry Camille Robcis "Psychiatry must be political": The Preterrain of a New Fanon Lou Turner History of the Fanon Research & Development Center in Los Angeles Interview with Lewis King Lewis King, Lou Turner, and Helen A. Neville Section 2: History, Theory and Fanonian Praxis Therapy of/for the Oppressed: Frantz Fanon's Psychopolitical Pedagogy of Transformation Erica Burman The Psychic Life of History: Migration, Critical Ethno-Psychiatry, and the Archives of The Future Roberto Beneduce Section 3: Fanon in Clinical Action: Psychotherapeutic and Community Applications Subversive Healing: Fanon and the Radical Intent of Surviving Torture Hawthorne E. Smith and Gonkapieu J. Gueu The Ideas of Frantz Fanon and Practices of Cultural Safety With Australia's First Peoples Luke Molloy The Case of K: Looking to Frantz Fanon to Guide Cross-Racial Trauma-Informed Therapy Maria Judith Valgoi "When I was growing up, it was important to be identified as a revolutionnary": A Conversation with Community Activist Imani Bazzell Imani Bazzell, Helen A. Neville, and Lou Turner Section 4: Fanon in Research Action Mending a Crack in the Sky: An Evolving Community Healing Research Initiative among Somali Canadians Nkechinyelum Chioneso, Mahad Yusuf, and Shamso Elmi Race and Recognition: Pathways to an Affirmative Black Identity Helen A. Neville, Brigitte Viard, and Lou Turner
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African refugee trauma; black liberation psychology; clinical practice; counselling psychology; Frantz Fanon; Helen A. Neville; Lou Turner; mental health research; PTSD; participatory action research; psychiatry; psychotherapy; socio-psychotherapy; trauma studies