Ethics for Journalists

Ethics for Journalists

Duncan, Sallyanne

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Introduction: Core principles of ethical journalism

Sallyanne Duncan

Trust, information disorder and freedom of expression: Influences on ethical journalism
Sallyanne Duncan

Regulating the mainstream media: Who guards the guardians?
Sallyanne Duncan

Ethics in Action: Aidan White, founder of the Ethical Journalism Network

Journalists and social media: Entering an 'ethical vacuum'
Frances Yeoman

Ethics in action: Jim Waterson, media editor of The Guardian

Sources: The lifeblood of journalism
Jackie Newton

Ethics in action: Gerard Ryle, director of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists

Privacy and intrusion: Navigating the muddy waters of conflicting rights
Sallyanne Duncan, with additional research by Anna Bryan

Ethics in action: Joshua King, head of digital engagement and development at the Scotsman

Covering death and trauma: Focus on compassion and respect
Sallyanne Duncan

Ethics in action: Jo Healey, journalist, author and founder of Trauma Reporting training

Reporting suicide responsibly: A force for good
Sallyanne Duncan

Ethics in action: Gordon Allan, who was bereaved by suicide

Diversity in the news: Seeking fair representation and inclusivity
Sallyanne Duncan

Ethics in action: Barnie Choudhury, editor-at-large of Eastern Eye

The ethics of health journalism: Reporting a pandemic
Petya Eckler and Ozan B. Mantar

Ethics in action: Helen McArdle, health correspondent at The Herald

Battling for news: Reporting war and conflict

Richard Lance Keeble

Ethics in action: Lara Pawson, former BBC World Service correspondent
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