Enzymology of Complex Alpha-Glucans

Enzymology of Complex Alpha-Glucans

Nitschke, Felix

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Morphological and Structural Aspects of a -Glucan Particles from Electron Microscopy Observations. Polarimetric Nonlinear Microscopy of Starch Granules: Visualization of the Structural Order of ?-Glucan Chains within a Native Starch Particle. Analyses of Covalent Modifications in ?-Glucans. Storage Polysaccharide Metabolism in Micro-Organisms. Mammalian Glycogen Metabolism: Enzymology, Regulation, and Animal Models of Dysregulated Glycogen Metabolism. The Pathologies of a Dysfunctional Glycogen Metabolism. Reversible Phosphorylation in Glycogen and Starch. Starch Granules and their Glucan Components. Regulation of Assimilatory Starch Metabolism by Cellular Carbohydrate Status. Reserve Starch Metabolism. Heteromeric Protein Interactions in Starch Synthesis.
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Starch Granules;Starch Synthesis;Carbohydrates;Glycogen Synthesis;Structures;Starch Synthase;Structural Analyses;Glycogen Storage Diseases;Single Particle Analyses;Branching Enzyme;Directional Growth of Glycan Chains;Glycogen Synthase;Complex alpha-glucans;Cereal Endosperms;Enzymology;Starch Degradation;Starch metabolism;Starch Reserves;Glycogen Phosphorylase;Glycogen metabolism;Glucan Chains;Amylopectin Biosynthesis;SHG Intensity;Glycogen Debranching Enzyme;C3 Position;Limit Dextrinase;SHG Signal;SHG Microscopy;ADP Glucose Pyrophosphorylase;Glucan Particles;Starch Phosphorylation;PBs;Carbon C3