Energy Access and Forced Migration

Energy Access and Forced Migration

Grafham, Owen

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List of Figures List of Tables Acknowledgements List of Contributors Introduction Owen Grafham Part 1: Framing Energy-Access and Forced Migration 1 Leaving No-one Behind: Global Governance of Energy in the Humanitarian Sector Sarah Rosenberg-Jansen 2. The Migration-Energy Nexus in International Policy Eva Mach 3. Global Patterns of Forced Displacement and Energy Response Glada Lahn and Owen Grafham Part 2: Evolving Approaches 4. Energy in the Response to an Urban Refugee Crisis: The Case of Solarising Public Buildings in Jordan Elias Jourdi, Lama Gharaibeh and Shada Qahoush 5. Towards Community Energy Resilience Long Seng To and Niraj Subedi 6. Incentivizing Market Mechanisms for Access to Energy Raffaella Bellanca 7. The Role of Market Systems in Delivering Energy Access in Humanitarian Settings: The Case of Burkina Faso Mattia Vianello and Anoushka Boodhna 8. Vulnerability of Women and Girls in Refugee Settings: Considerations for Energy Programming Tamsin Bradley and Katherine Liakos Part 3: Future Opportunities and Solutions 9. Overcoming the Data Wall: Harnessing Big Data to Understand the Energy Needs of Off-Grid Communities and the Displaced Iwona Bisaga and Mansoor Hamayun 10. Remote Sensing Technology and Energy Applications in Refugee Camps Jonathan Nixon and Professor Elena Gaura 11. Circular Economy in Refugee Camps Diego Hakspiel and Johanna Lehne Index
Energy services; energy access; energy governance; environmental displacement; environmental justice; forced migration; Glada Lahn; Owen Grafham; United Nations' Refugee Agency