Economic Principles and Problems

Economic Principles and Problems

A Pluralist Introduction

Schneider, Geoffrey

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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PART I: Economics: A Pluralist Definition; 1. What is economics?; 2. Scarcity, choice and opportunity cost; PART II: The evolution of economic ideas and systems; 3. The evolution of pre-capitalist economic systems; 4. Adam Smith and the rise of capitalism; 5. Karl Marx and the dark ages of capitalism; 6. Thorstein Veblen and monopoly capitalism; 7. Keynes and mixed market capitalism; 8. Modern economic systems; PART III: Markets, Supply and Demand; 9. Markets and how they work; 10. Applications of supply and demand; 11. Consumers and supplier behavior; PART IV: Market structures and corporations; 12. Different types of market structures; 13. Short-run and long-run costs of production; 14. Perfect competition and competitive markets; 15. Monopoly and monopoly power; 16. Monopolistic competition; 17. Oligopoly and strategic behavior; 18. Corporations and their role in society; Part V: Government intervention in microeconomic markets; 19. Market failure and government failure; 20. Economics of the environment and climate change; 21. Public goods and services; Part VI: Labor markets and inequality; 22. Working for a living: the labor market; 23. Inequality, a key modern issue; Part VII Macroeconomic issues and problems; 24. Modern macroeconomics; 25. Macroeconomic wellbeing; 26. Unemployment and price instability; Part VIII Macroeconomic models; 27. Aggregate demand and aggregate supply; 28. The Keynesian aggregate expenditure-income model; Part IX: Stabilization policy; 29. Fiscal policy, debt and deficits; 30. Money, banking and the financial sector; 31. Monetary policy; 32. Crises, financial and otherwise; Part X. Growth and global interconnectedness; 33. The sources of economic growth; 34. International trade and integration; 35. International finance and open economy macroeconomics
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