Documenting the Visual Arts

Documenting the Visual Arts

Hallas, Roger

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Introduction Roger Hallas Part I: Historical Foundations 1. Henri Storck's Le Monde de Paul Delvaux and Pygmalionist Cinema Steven Jacobs 2. A Sculptor's Life on Screen: John Read's Film Portraits of Henry Moore for BBC Television Katerina Loukopoulou Part II: Representing the Artist 3. A Portrait of the Artist as Automaton: Creativity, Labor, and Technology in Tim's Vermeer Stephan Boman 4. Flesh and Vision: Jia Zhangke's Still Life and Dong Amy Villarejo 5. Globalizing Ai Weiwei Luke Robinson Part III: Questions of Documentation 6. Film and the Performance of Marina Abramovic: Documentary as Documentation Chanda Laine Carey 7. Gained in Translation: Site-Specificity in Recent Documentaries Vera Brunner-Sung 8. The Wages of !W.A.R.: Activist Historiography and the Feminist Art Movement Theresa L. Geller Part IV: Museum Gazing 9. When Art Exhibition Met Cinema Exhibition: Live Documentary and the Remediation of the Museum Experience Annabelle Honess Roe 10. Museum Movies, Documentary Space, and the Transmedial Asbjorn Gronstad 11. "Seeing Too Much is Seeing Nothing": The Place of Fashion within the Documentary Frame Matthew J. Fee Part V: Art Worlds and Film Worlds 12. Challenging the Hierarchies of Photographic History Trisha Ziff, interviewed by Roger Hallas 13. On the History (and Future) of Art Documentaries and the Film Program at the National Gallery of Art Margaret Parsons, interviewed by Marsha Gordon
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art documentary; Documentary film; Roger Hallas; visual arts documentary; visual studies