Dissidents of Law

Dissidents of Law

On the 1989 Velvet Revolutions, Legitimations, Fictions of Legality and Contemporary Version of the Social Contract

Priban, Jiri

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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Introduction; Legitimacy without a sovereign people; Legal legitimacy and legalist fictions; Post communist legitimations and constitutional justice; The legal system and its environment: the conditions of the process of legitimation; The centre and periphery of legality: the strategy of dissent; Legitimation fictions and power of the contractual model.
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Real Power Mechanisms;Totalitarian;Contemporary Societies;Legitimacy;Modern Political Society;Law;Contemporary Liberal Democratic Societies;Modern;Czech Constitutional Court;liberal democratic society;Garton Ash;ideological legitimation;Round Table Talks;communist societies;Czech Constitution;socialist legality;Autopoietic Social Systems;Legal Science;Positive Law;Modern Legal Theory;Autopoietic Systems Theory;Formal Rational Legality;Critical Legal Theory;Legitimation Fictions;Modern Legal Positivism;Civil Society;Legal Legitimacy;Political Sovereign;Autopoietic Theory;Legal Positivism;Critical Jurisprudence;Civic Forum;Constitutional Court