DIY Cultures and Underground Music Scenes

DIY Cultures and Underground Music Scenes

Bennett, Andy; Guerra, Paula

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Introduction Part I: Underground Music Scenes between the Local and the Translocal 1. Rethinking DIY Culture in a Post-Industrial and Global Context 2. Visibility and Conviviality in Music Scenes 3. Punk Stories 4. Between Popular and Underground Culture: An Analysis of Bucharest Urban Culture 5. The DIY as a Constitutive Resource of the Specific Punk Capital in France 6. Boys in Black, Girls in Punk: Gender Performances in the Goth and Hardcore Punk Scenes in Northern Germany Part II: Music and DIY Cultures: DIY or Die! 7. Music, Protest Politics, DIY and Identity in the Basque Country 8. Home Economics: Fusing Imaginaries in the Musical Underground of Wellington, New Zealand 9. Proud Amateurs: Deterritorialized Expertise in Contemporary Finnish DIY Micro-Labels 10. Noise Records as Noise Culture: DIY Practices, Aesthetics and Trades 11. Punk Positif: The DIY Ethic and the Politics of Value in the Indonesian Hardcore Punk Scene Part III: Art, Music and Technological Change 12. So Far, Yet So Near: The Brazilian DIY Politics of Sofar Sounds - A Collaborative Network for Live Music Audiences 13. Cassette Cultures in Berlin: Resurgence, DIY Freedom or Sellout? 14. Here Today: The Role of Ephemera in Clarifying Underground Culture 15. Birth of an Underground Music Scene? Creative Networks and (Digital) DIY Technologies in a Hungarian Context Part IV: Music Scenes, Memory and Emotional Geographies 16. The Inoperative Subculture: History, Identity and Avant-Gardism in Garage Rock 17. Collectivity and Individuality in US Free Folk Musics 18. The Independent Record Label, Ideology and Longevity: Twenty Years of Chemikal Underground Records in Glasgow 19. Verbal Sound System (1997-98): Recalling a Raver's DIY Practices in the British Free Party Counterculture 20. A Howl of the Estranged: Post-Punk and Contemporary Underground Scenes in Bulgarian Popular Music
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