Constitutionalizing Transitional Justice

Constitutionalizing Transitional Justice

How Constitutions and Constitutional Courts Deal with Past Atrocity

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List of tables List of contributors Acknowledgements Contexts of Constitutionalizing Transitional Justice: An introduction Part 1 Constitutional Origins of Transitional Justice Chapter 1: The Dilemmas of Transitional Justice and the South African Experience Chapter 2: Facing the Shadows of the Past during Transitions: The Role of the Constitutions in the Case of Hungary Chapter 3: Constitutional Divergence and Transitional Justice in South Korea and Taiwan Part 2 Constitutional Process of Transitional Justice Chapter 4: Constitutional Justice and Negotiated Peace in Colombia Chapter 5: Constitutions, Courts, and the Quest for Transitional Justice: The Case of Chile Chapter 6: Coordinated Transition in East Central Europe and the Role of Constitutional Courts in Transitional Justice: Experiences from Hungary and Moldova Chapter 7: The Determinants of the Polish Transformation at the Turn of the 21st Century: In View of the Judgments of the Constitutional Tribunal of Poland Part 3 Constitutional Consequences of Transitional Justice Chapter 8: Transitional Justice in a 19th-Century Constitution: Cautionary Observations from the United States Chapter 9: 'Cadres' in Post-communist Transition: Shifting the Loyalty Standards in Public Service after Regime Change Chapter 10: Between Blaming and Naming: Constitutional Review of Bans on Communist Parties in Post-Soviet States Index
Comparative Constitutional Law;Transitional Justice;Legal Theory;International Criminal Law;Constitutional Court;Lustration Law;Federal Republic Of Germany;Transitional Justice Provisions;Constitutional Tribunal;Hungarian Constitutional Court;West Germany;Transitional Justice Policies;PCRM;Transitional Justice Measures;Retroactive Punishment;Transitional Justice Process;Colombian Constitutional Court;Political Party;Venice Commission;Civil Society;Russian Constitutional Court;Human Rights Violations;Cee Country;Public Administration;East Central European Countries;Past Human Rights Violations;Korean Constitutional Court;Communist Parties