Birth and Death

Birth and Death

Experience, Ethics, Politics

Woodward, Sophie; Woodward, Kath

Taylor & Francis Inc






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1. Birth and Death; 2. Sheila Kitzinger: A Life in Birth and a Good Death; 3. Personal and Social; 4. Visibility and Visualisation; 5. Public and Private: Rituals and Routines; 6. The Medical and the Natural: Embodied Selves; 7. Crossing Boundaries: Ethics and Experience; 8. Conclusion: Giving Birth, Dying and Mostly, Living.
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Birth and Death; body; childbirth; dying; emotion; enfleshed experience; good birth; good death; human; Kath Woodward; medical; motherhood; natural; nonhuman; pain; pleasure; relationality; ritual; Sophie Woodward; sensation; technoscience; visibility; visualization; birth & death; feminism; life course; relational approach