Aesthetics, Imagination and the Unity of Experience

Aesthetics, Imagination and the Unity of Experience

Elliott, R.K.; Crowther, edited by Paul

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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Contents: Preface; Critical introduction. Part I: The unity of Kant's Critique of Aesthetic Judgement; Imagination: 'a kind of magical faculty'; Imagination in the experience of art; Aesthetic theory and the experience of art. Part II: The critic and the lover of art; Poetry and truth; The aesthetic and the semantic; Clive Bell's aesthetic theory and critical practice; Aestheticism, imagination and schooling. Part III: Wittgenstein's speculative aesthetics in its ethical context; Socrates and Plato's cave. Bibliography of the works of R.K. Elliott; Index.
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Round Window;Kant's aesthetics;Young Men;unified approach;War Time;Bell's aesthetic theory;Wright Brothers;theory of imagination;Good Life;Objective Aesthetic Qualities;Vice Versa;Natural Beauty;Pure Aesthetic Emotion;Poetic Sentence;Non-aesthetic Properties;Poetic Proposition;Common Aesthetic Sense;Aesthetic Relevance;Metaphysical Hypothesis;Disinterested Delight;Aesthetic Emotion;Synoptic Imagination;Aesthetic Rapture;Voluntary Imagination;Magical Analogue;Absolute Miracle;Animistic Imagination;Aesthetic Idea;Cavafy's Poem